Laurent Bienaimé

Groom Service

A number of 8 minutes 30 featuring a cartoon character, "The Groom". He walks the roads of every country, his "surprise bag" in hand. This background gives him much needed accessories allowing it to stand on his hands, preferring to walk upside down to better help you discover the world upside down. This issue has already been introduced across Europe, the Asian and American continents. It was also televised on France 2, France 3, RAI, Canal +, BBC, and TF1, alongside Charles Aznavour. It has also been asked to film for several feature films, including "The 11 Commandments".

The Bronze Man

A number of 9 minutes featuring two characters. On one side, "The Bronze Man" an equilibrist impassive performing acrobatics. And another, "The August", a misician particularly annoying and disruptive. While the Bronze Man tries to get figures and performance balance his partner, before an uncontrollable fantasy continues to derail the issue, by their ludicrous delusions. But, always stoic, the Man of Bronze does not distract, and continues to bind his acrobatic prowess. Constantly disturbed, will he resist the urge to knock out the mad musician? ...The strong antagonism between the two artists makes this number strength of visual comedy and great originality.